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Join the Pipe promotes tap water as a sustainable and healthy option to drink by making it available at sports facilities and in public places.

Many people want to fill their water bottle or have a sip of water whilst out and about. Our drinking water station is an inexpensive, healthy and environmentally friendly option of having drinking water accessible to people who are exercising. The Join the Pipe drinking water station can be placed both indoor and outdoor.

Having a drinking water station within the sports facility enables people to exercise a bit longer because they can stay hydrated. As a result people are more active over a longer period of time helping to fight obesity. With the proceeds of our drinking water stations and branded bottles we fund water projects & city clean-ups in developing countries.

Join the Pipe is the first network of tap water drinkers with the of dream building the longest water pipe in the world, long enough so that everyone, everywhere has access to clean drinking water. Join the Pipe promotes tap water drinking and helps developing nations gain access to clean drinking water and sanitation. We also work hard to bring awareness to the environmental impact of the production and waste of bottled water. With the sale of our tap water stations, refillable tap water bottles and donations, we finance water and sanitation projects in developing nations.

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