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THOR Photomedicine

NovoTHOR, as used by the Nike Oregon Project and Olympic medal winners, Mo Farah, Matt Centrowitz, and Galen Rump, delivers increased strength, reduced fatigue and faster recovery.

Produced by THOR Photomedicine, it is the first whole-body PBMT device based on published clinical research outcomes.THOR has over 3,000 customers in pioneering clinics and hospitals in more than 70 countries and is the only PBM Therapy company with FDA, CE, TGA, Health Canada and NATO clearance.

"Who can recover quicker in this Sport is what separates us from other teams, with NovoTHOR we can train a lot harder and more frequently. It made a huge difference."
- Matt Centrowitz, Olympic Gold Winner

"We were using it every day, it really played a huge part for all of us."
- Galen Rupp, US Olympian.

Scientists have published over 400 Randomised Controlled Trials using LED and 3B Laser devices for muscle pain and injury. Now there are 33 Randomised Controlled Trials on sport and exercise showing improved power, reduced fatigue and faster recovery.

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