Leon Taylor

Multiple Olympian, BBC Sports Commentator / Painpod

Multiple Olympian, BBC Sports Commentator and TV personality, Leon Taylor enjoyed sustained athletic success at the highest level. He participated at 3 Olympic Games and was a member of the Great Britain team for 16 years. The highlight of his career was Silver at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He has pushed the boundaries of elite sport and was the inventor of the world’s most difficult dive. He’s gone on to become mentor to, among others, Tom Daley. His book. "MENTOR - The most important role you were never trained for" is widely used by organisations to engage and nurture talent through mentoring. Much sought after professional speaker, brand ambassador for BMW, BT and Lloyds bank, PainPod, lululemon athletica and SSE, Leon is a judge on the ITV show Splash! The contest that sees Tom Daley teaching his sport to celebrities, before they demonstrate their skills in a series of live shows.

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The rise of the Machines. 1. BioTechnology is swapping Drugs for Devices

Ever sInce ancient Greeks used electric fish to treat pain, devices harnessing electrical impulses have been used to improve health and save lives and, as the body of evidence grows, athletes are increasingly turning on to the power of electro technologies to treat injury, improve recovery and increase strength.

When, in 2013, GlaxoSmithKline announced it was developing miniaturised electronic devices for peripheral nerve stimulation, it marked a step change in the ascent of electrotherapy from twilight to the mainstream and was a major milestone in a string of successes for the fledgling Electroceuticals field.

BioMedical engineers are now developing new generation devices targeting conditions underserved or untouched by drugs, and, unlike marine life and electrical therapies of the past, design of these neuro-modulation devices is now being guided by the detailed knowledge of neurophysiology and molecular mechanisms.

In this first seminar exploring how BioTechnology impacts athletic endeavour, 3 time Olympian and designer of the world’s most difficult dive, BBC Commentator Leon Taylor, gives his unique career perspective on the lines between incremental gains and marginal losses in elite sport. Illustrated by his own athletic experiences and his mentoring of elite athletes, he examines some of the challenges and choices now facing modern athletes and asks if hacking the body’s electricity grid is heralding a brave new world of clean performance enhancement.