Stuart J Grice


Dr Stuart Grice is a biologist, Visiting Researcher at the University of Oxford, and co-founder of the Health Tech and Biological Analysis company FitnessGenes. After completing his doctorate at Oxford, he studied subjects as diverse developmental biology and philosophy, and published works of the biological mechanisms underpinning neuromuscular disease, metabolic dysfunction, and neuropsychiatric disorders.

In addition to his ongoing research, Stuart is now heading the Pure Science arm of FitnessGenes which, in collaboration with several UK Universities, aims to identify how variations in an individual’s genetics and biology impact on their performance, health, and susceptibility to disease. Stuart’s ultimate goal is to drive a research-led environment at FitnessGenes that will enable the company to provide practical and achievable lifestyle change, and drive movement towards a healthier society.

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Delivering precision coaching using genomic technologies.

We are at the edge of another technological revolution. With the advent of a next generation of genomic and biological technologies we are discovering more and more about what it is to be a healthy and fit human. This new information, which can be used to understand what may be right for an individual athlete’s physiology and behaviour, can be utilised to create a more precise program to achieve that athlete’s goals.

This talk introduces the opportunities and limitations that access to the new wave of biological data may provide for coaches and athletes. It will detail contemporary methods that can help coaches make more informed decisions around the structuring of an athlete’s diet and training. Finally, it will predict how future advances in these technologies could rapidly transform training and nutrition as we know it.